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However I will remind once again: the orgasm a little that costs without love and tenderness. Only thanks to mutual caresses, the man and the woman escort can make each Ukrainian escort girl happy. "Without caress the spinal cord Ukrainian escort girls", - the French proverb speaks. The cubs of animals deprived of heat and tenderness, are ill and even can be lost. The same occurs to small children. To these well-known tutors. It is shown by many scientists - physicians and psychologists, in particular Spittsem. The mechanical contacts directed on satisfaction of physiological requirements, cannot replace live human dialogue. The impression is made that emotional stimulation is necessary for activation nervous and systems.The child receives love and the tenderness so necessary for its normal development more often. The adult very often does not have caress and benevolent attention to its person. Then, according to representations of Bern *, the person finds the compromise, melting the emotional dissatisfaction into "thirst of a recognition". He starts to achieve in every possible way signs on attention and high. Games and people. Under the editorship of the Drain. (Eric Bern - the known American, Ukrainian escort girl who has developed a lane comment)Estimations of the person -

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Ukrainian escort girl it be a tender sight, a smile or a kind word sexy Ukraine escort. He searches caresses of soul.Caresses of a body and soul are so necessary for each person that the prisoners locked in single chambers, eventually go mad and are exhausted physically so it is destructive full deprivation of touch and emotional impressions operates on them.Love to asserts that the love to is Ukrainian escort girl in all people. He marks, what even criminals, the mad and absolutely fallen people always find to themselves justifications and do not lose hope of the best. The person cannot simply live without love to. reminds also words of the Christ: "Love near, as itself", but not "more than itself". Jesus perfectly understood that most person loves itself. It, thus, has opened the phenomenon of a narcissism long before Freud.

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And what important role "I" play each of us in love relations! We give to darling the person, the unique individuality absolutely artlessly or, at least, with a smaller impurity of pretence, than at usual social contacts. We give ukraine sex it the barefaced body - such what it is. We bare ourselves before it - in direct and figurative sense. Unless it is possible to pretend to be before that who accepts, appreciates, loves or even idolises your soul and a body?Sensuality bares the most intimate:Part of our person (desire, pleasure, imagination) and our body (erogenous zones and especially genitals). That is why for its free display full confidence to the partner is necessary. Caresses of a body are senseless without caresses of soulRapprochement not only does not disturb with a being of an opposite Kiev sex escort to display of our individuality, but, on the contrary, strengthens it and strengthens our narcissism. We wait from Ukrainian escort girl person of that acknowledgement that we really deserve love. He - as if a mirror in which we hope to see the reflexion - what we are in his eyes.

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We also love it for this beautiful picture of our person which he creates.I will result for an example some answers of men to a question of the questionnaire of Petropinto: "That for you is the most attractive in the woman escort?:- When Kiev escort behaves so as if I mean for it more than all Ukrainian escort girl people.- When Kiev escort with interest listens to that I speak.- When Kiev escort worries about me, than about Ukrainian escort girlself more. Unless this narcissism is similar to the present.Love? But look more attentively around, glance impartially in own soul - and you are convinced, how a lot of narcissism contains even in the deep feeling. We will not be to assimilate, however, to the cynics denying existence of love. It is necessary to be more indulgent to people.

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Simply it is necessary to take into consideration that fact that the person should love itself and that that he loved itself(himself), it is necessary for it to feel Ukrainian escort girl favourite by someone.If you caress darling or only are escorts blog to do it, first of all let to it know, how much it is unique and original and as strongly you love and appreciate it. Remember that you have selected it and continue to prefer to its all Ukrainian escort girl people. Think of how it is a lot of at it advantages. Tell to it about how to you it is good with it and as its caresses are pleasant to you. Never forget to thank him for he of anything should not you even if you are connected by fifty years of matrimonial life. Take to itself for a rule: day without caress.